Castile Soap Bar Natural & Gentle


Pure & Simple ingredients are often the best, as in this gentle and pampering bar. Made only with organically grown olive oil and purified water, this simple formula has been used for many hundreds of years and is still considered the king of bar soaps when a gentle and non-irritating soap is required. Whether you have skin condition, or need a gentle bar for a baby, Castile soap will be sure to fulfill and exceed your needs.

Note: These bars were made using HOT process and have cured for 4 months, they will continue to cure in your home and are best after 10-12 months


Saponified Organic Fresh Olive Oil, Distilled Water

5-6 oz. Eco-friendly wrapped bars

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I bought several soaps from soapy oaks and love them as they moisturize my very dry skin. I only use the castile soap if im gardening or hiking in hopes to deter ticks and mosquitoes.

Fast shipping. A really huge bar of soap!

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