Lanolin skin balm salve ointment


Organic Grass Fed Sheep Tallow & Lanolin have phenomenal properties to moisturize and refresh dry skin. Used by many. the structure of our cell membranes is made up of approximately 50% saturated fats, which is remarkably like the percentage of saturated fatty acids in sheep tallow. Fatty acids are also considered the building blocks of skin cells, which makes them a vital component. There is nothing added that is not beneficial to your skin's well-being

Ingredients: Organic Purified Lanolin, Organic Sheep Tallow, Wildflower Beeswax

NOTE 1: Tallow & Lanolin both can carry natural scents effected by the diet of the animals and can vary by season.

NOTE 2: Lanolin balm has NO WATER, so it takes extraordinarily little (pea size), using too much at once can feel greasy and be clogging to pores.


Wonderful & as described. I made sure to do a patch test because I have sensitive skin and I had no issues!

I liked this. Helps with my twins eczema but it also smells like barn animal. Lol 😆 it's an acquired smell.

Everyone needs some of this on hand. Excellent for nourishing your nails and cuticles. I mix it into some of my lotions when I need a healing type of moisture after I do microderm abrasion!

The last step in my skincare routine and it is so moisturizing and luxurious that I wake up with plump skin. This is amazing!

Great product if you get past the barn yard smell

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