Lanolin Healing Ointment


Organic Grass Fed Sheep Tallow & Lanolin have phenomenal properties to both heal, moisturize and refresh dry skin. Used by many for skin conditions such as dryness, flaking, redness, eczema, psoriasis and more. The structure of our cell membranes is made up of approximately 50% saturated fats, which is very similar to the percentage of saturated fatty acids in sheep tallow. Fatty acids are also considered the building blocks of skin cells, which makes them an important component for skin repair and regeneration. Nothing is added that is no beneficial to your skins well being

Ingredients: Organic Purified Lanolin, Organic Sheep Tallow, Wildflower Beeswax, Vitamin E

NOTE: Lanolin balm has NO WATER, it is not a lotion, so it takes very little (pea size) , using too much at once can feel greasy and be clogging to pores.

3 oz. glass swing top jar

Love the lanolin. So creamy, no scent. So rich on my skin.

This will be a new staple product! I have been using it on my easily-chapped lips and any skin irritations.

I absolutely love this cream. I put it on my garden beaten up hands and I could feel the difference immediately. :)

Soapyoaks lanolin ointment is soothing, moisturizing and healing for my dry, mature skin. I use it on my face, hands, feet and any dry spots that appear. A little truly does go a long way. I’m just finishing my first jar and have a second one in my cupboard so that I don’t run out. It’s an impressively good product for a great price. So, thanks!

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