Warm Willow Muscle Liniment


Minor muscle pain effects us all from time to time. This family formula uses fresh White willow bark blended with several beneficial essential oils along with Camphor and Menthol to help bring relief to strains Made is small batches with careful attention to freshness of ingredients and care of preparation.

Ingredients: Willow Bark Infused Olive Oil, Menthol, Camphor, Essential Oils: Birch, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Eucalyptus. Vitamin E, Beeswax

2 oz Green glass jars to protect ingredients from damaging light

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Are you ready for this? Okay, so I got this for my mom, but I thought- if I am going to have my mom try this (she’s tried patches on her back and is going to physical therapy three times a week for her back) I needed to try this! So, I threw it on a sore muscle area on my back and used a MLM essential oil company’s “lotion” on another spot. THIS HITS DEEPER it feels like! I feel it deeper and the cool that comes from it. I was honestly a little skeptical because it has a very light hint of bug spray smell on it, but this is seriously better than any CBD balm I have tried too! Now I need to shop for other things I need, including my own jar of this muscle relief stuff!

Patrick sent this out and it was delivered very fast. Great communication. The product came in a nice little green jar, with a small wooden dipping spoon. Smells really nice. Can't wait to use this on my hubby's ankle, which swells on occasion. Cheryl

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