Buzzy Cuticle Cream - Manuka Honey & Raw Beeswax formula


Buzzy Cuticle Cream, Winter and hand washing frequently are both tough on your hands and nails, perhaps the most delicate and at risk are our cuticles. Let the healing qualities of Manuka Honey along with several oils, butters heal your cuticles by adding softness and resilience that leave your hands looking healthy and supple.


Raw Bees Wax, New Zealand Manuka Honey, Cocoa Butter, Castor Oil, Hemp Oil

15 ml clear jar

Reviews (4)


I was getting hang nails, when normally I don't. This yummy cream is such a good nourishing treat. Keeps my cuticles soft and easy to push in. No more hang nails!!

I followed exactly what his instructions were on his YouTube channel and decided that after moving and completely destroying my hands, fingers, and cuticles, I put this product on my fingers and hands inside gloves at night for a few days and was amazed at how wonderful my hands felt, how quickly my cuticles healed from all the tears and harsh treatment I gave them from packing and moving, and love the natural smell of the honey!

Absolutely love this! Had to buy more more my kids!

Love this. Will buy again

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