Oregon Grape Holly Salve


This salve is a 20% solution blended into an jojoba oil and beeswax formula that will allow you to easily apply it where needed.

As when starting any regimen, please do your research or ask your doctor.

Ingredients: Mahonia Aquafolium (Oregan Grape Holly) Jojoba Oil, Beeswax

1 oz. tin

great product- fast shipping- thanks!

I purchased to help with my psoriasis condition I slept through the whole night without the burning pain I was suffering from before

Another great product from this store! This, along with the lanolin has changed the texture of my psoriasis within days of using it. After about a couple weeks, my plaques were significantly decreased, combined with the moisture of the lanolin really decreased the visibility of the plaques. Having psoriasis plaques are can be a little embarrassing especially when they’re on a very visible part of your body. These two products have helped me far beyond words. If you suffer from a skin ailment like psoriasis or eczema, I would highly suggest you give this a try.

Great stuff…very helpful for eczema.

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