Oregon Grape Holly Salve


Oregon Grape Holly (Mahonia aquifolium) is a scientifically proven (topically) as a natural treatment for psoriasis and other types of dermatitis by slowing the overproduction of immature skin cells and reducing inflammation. This salve is a 20% solution in grain alcohol, then blended into an olive oil and beeswax formula that will allow you to easily apply it where needed.

As when starting any regimen, please do your research or ask your doctor.

Ingredients: Grain Alcohol, Mahonia Aquafolium (Oregan Grape Holly) Jojoba Oil, Beeswax

1 oz. tin

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Excellent product, will shop here again!

Great! Thank you.

Awesome stuff. Softened up my psoriasis and nothing else usually does that except prescription stuff. Takes away itch and pain as well.

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