Coconut Decadence - Real Coconut Soap


Sometimes simple is just what the body needs. In this case, 4 coconuts were carefully prepared and included in this soap, the Water, the Milk & The pulp all come together to create a luscious & truly decadent bathing experience for your skin while not stripping it of vital moisture. Simple, Elegant, Pure, just what your family needs for a clean, bubbly bathing experience.

Ingredients: Freshly prepared Coconut Water, Coconut Milk, Coconut Pulp. Coconut Oil

4 oz eco-friendly wrapped bars.

Reviews (7)


Lathers up very nicely, it’s quite lovely.

This is aptly named - so decadent. Thank you!

In love this soap is so good oh my so relaxing I come out like baby skin I just dont want to come out of the shower its a blessing 🥰🙏🏽

Super luscious soap. Looking forward to him experimenting with more scents! The ingredients in this soap shine through and make for a great larger! Ok, you know what sets his items apart from everyone else’s- aside from the fantastic ingredients- the care. If you watch his YouTube channel you get to whiteness the love he pours into his products, the funny mishaps and the ingredients he gleans from his surroundings. I love watching him make a soap and then buying it, it’s a special feeling.

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