Handmade Soap Grab Bag


NOTE: The picture does not represent the soaps that you may or may not receive, they will be random soaps from my current line.

Making custom soaps for YouTube (channel Soapy Oaks Farm) and making special requests is so much fun and I love sharing the videos with you, now you can share in the soaps as well. This is an opportunity to sample several of my full size bars at a great reduced price point.

Each "Grab Bag" will contain several bars of soap containing multiple styles/patterns/sizes. Soaps vary from round, square, or other shapes and vary in color or scent. All contain my custom recipe of oils & butters, some are scented, some are not. Many contain goat milk and local honey and other ingredients. All soaps are labeled with full ingredients listed. Soaps will be chosen randomly. Between 7-9 bars of soap in every order.

NOTE: I now use Eco friendly wrapping to reduce single use plastics.

I feel confident you will love these and at such a great value how can you pass them by.

Thanks for your purchase,


Amazing grab bag!!! The seller sent me an impressive number of full size bars, including some really fancy ones such as Cleopatra's gold soap which made a beautiful gift. All of them smell amazing and are high quality. Such a bargain, the seller is very generous.

There were a total of 8 soaps in the package, many of which smelled very nice and were made with goat's milk, which I like. I'm so happy!!! Can't wait to try them!

I shared this purchase with family and friends. When I see or speak to them, they can't compliment the products enough. "Smoother skin", "...the fragrance...", "refreshing". I've been using Soapyoaks' soap for years now; it's the only soap that comes into my home. The ingredients naturally support bacterial balance. Customer for life.

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