New Day - Sinus Relief Inhaler - All Natural


This time of the year, sniffles and stuffy noses abound, this simple and natural inhaler can help to loosen and clear nasal passages. Using only naturally derived ingredients and carefully formulated to be gentle and yet effective.

Ingredients: Camphor Infused Almond Oil, Menthol Infused Almond Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Reviews (9)


Nice. It seems to work well.

My son loves these! He says they help him even emotionally while having a stressful day. Aromatherapy at its best!! Thanks again!!

It helped clear up my son's sinuses instantly. Great for Florida allergies!!

Yay! Something that really clears my nose up and let's me breathe easier! Spring allergies are getting ready to attack and this inhaler is going to be with me all the time. :)) Thank you so much, Patrick!

I have severe allergies and this product has been the only thing that is giving me some relief especially during the harsh part of allergy season for me. My only regret is that I did not buy 20 more to keep in every place of my home and to give to everyone in my family!

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