New Day - Sinus Relief Inhaler - All Natural


This time of the year, sniffles and stuffy noses abound, this simple and natural inhaler can help to loosen and clear nasal passages. Using only naturally derived ingredients and carefully formulated to be gentle and yet effective.

Ingredients: Camphor Infused Almond Oil, Menthol Infused Almond Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Good quality. Works well. Smells like citronella to me, not sure why.

This stuff works really good. It’s long lasting and easy to use. I’ve enjoyed it. The scent at first was like an old wet rag for some reason but once you inhale very well you can smell all the minty goodness…these are good to have around. The wet rag scent is no longer an issue either. Smells so good you’ll want to eat it lol

Wonderful product! With quality ingredients

Let me tell ya, if you have sinus issues, this is a must to have!!!Beware, it is powerful, like nothing over the counter! I ordered 1 a month ago...and just got my order of 3 more, so I can have 1 in many places. I never want to be w/o one of these....Pitch those harmful chemical nose sprays...this is the best, and also natural!!! Thanks Patrick for this, and all your wonderful creations!!!!

Received my order within the estimated delivery time. This is really helpful to use when I get a stuffed up nose. Really helps to clear the sinus so I can breathe better. Pleased with my purchase 🙂.

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