Espresso Joy Follicle Stimulator Oil


Caffeine has been used in hair care products for a very long time, one of it's biggest benefits is that it can help with premature hair loss caused by hormonal changes, testosterone in the hair follicles cause the hair to thin and fall out, Caffeine has been shown to block the negative effects and actually result in hair growth. This heavily infused oil is ideal for a deep conditioning prior to washing your hair. In addition it will leave your hair shinier and will not interfere with the natural oils on your scalp.

Ingredients: Expresso Infused Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Mongongo Oil, Vitamin E Oil

1 ounce amber dropper bottle

Instructions: apply sparingly to entire scalp, massage in, allow to stay on scalp 15 minutes, wash and condition as usual.

NOTE: This is ONLY for the Hair Oil, Not for the bar soap, the Espresso soap can be found here:

Reviews (7)


I'm trying this for eyebrow growth, can't say yet if it will work but it smells nice.

Wow, the smell of this oil is so wonderful! I have not used it yet, at least not for hair (I put a couple drops on my wrist for the scent alone!) but it smells very wonderful. You can tell that a lot of love and care went into making these products, all the way from the actual product itself, to the packaging.

Very fast service. Great Communication. The oil came and very pleased with it. My youngest son is using it per suggestion and we love how it smells like Coffee, which is a wonderful aroma. Thanks again! ­čśŐ

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