Divinity Spheres - Solid Hair & Skin Food


Delicious and wonderful botanicals and rich emollient butters & luxurious oils combined in a compact form to feed your hair and/or skin on the go


Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Hemp Oil

7 individually wrapped 1/2 ounce spheres

Includes 1 jar & wooden spatula

NOTE: There are no hardeners or waxes in these, so they can be very soft in warm conditions, please place in freezer for 30 minutes prior to unwrapping/using

I do like how this feels on my skin, but it has such a strong tea tree oil smell I don't think I'll ever be able to try it on my hair. So far just my feet...far away from my nose. But my feet do love it!!

This is unbelievably good. No greasy feeling and my skin feels so conditioned! Thanks for fast delivery and an excellent product at a fair price!

Let me just say that my hair used to be my crowning glory growing up. Now that I am later in my ears, my hair is fragile, a bit dry, somewhat brittle, and falling out left and right. But the very first time I used this product on my hair and my scalp, I was absolutely amazed by the way my hair felt and looked for an entire week! I also have been using this on very dry areas of my skin and the results are miraculous! I love the packaging and the care taken into how it’s packaged to benefit the customer. Patrick is a true connoisseur of all things wonderful for your skin.

These Divinity Spheres are where it’s at! First off, my hands drink it up! I use it every night before bed! You need just the TINIEST “scrape” and you’re good to go! I keep it in a fridge at home and in my locker at work! It seems “oily” on application, but you just rub it in well and it no longer feels like that! This is better than anything I have tried for my hands with natural products. I’m a firm believer of natural products belong on your skin because it’s the largest organ of your body and the gateway to your health essentially! If you “suffer” from dry skin anywhere, these are heavenly.

Ohhhh yes, yes, yes! These truly are divine! Just washed my hair and smoothed a little bit of this through it -- said goodbye to over-dried winter fly-aways. :)) And did I mention that the scent is incredible?? Ahhhh!

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