Pine Resin Drawing Salve


Hand crafted Texas pine resin is the active and primary ingredient here. Used to speed up the bodies natural response to expelling splinters, stickers, or other small foreign bodies in the skin. Please do your own research in regard to these ingredients, some folks may have sensitivity one of them.

Ingredients: Pine Resin (sap), Comfrey root and leaf infused Olive Oil, Beeswax

The Scent is that of a fresh cut Christmas tree

Now in larger 1 oz tin

Reviews (8)


Wonderful handmade natural product made with care. Smells great!

Such an amazing product! I am super sensitive to bug bites, and this is the first thing i've tried that's relieved them. Thank you!!!!

Great texture, smooth application, wonderful scent. Although I just recieved the balm, I have no doubt of the effectiveness. Pine Tar can be a miracle worker.

A little goes a long way! Good for skin allergies and skin irritations. Smells like a pine minty herbal blend of essential oils and it does help sooth the skin quickly. Highly recommend trying all of soapy oaks salves and balms. They work wonders. Your skin will thank you for showing it love and care!☺️😍🤗

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