Happy Hands - Gardening Salve


Do your hands ever feel like they have been through a garden war zone? splinters, scrapes, scratches, pokes, bites and stings, it's enough to make you say inside. This balm/salve is loaded with wonderful healthy and reportedly healing ingredients, easy to use and effective at returning vital moisture to hands and body. This is a family recipe handed down for generations.

Olive Oil, Shea Butter & Cocoa butter infused with: Comfrey, Calendula, Chamomile, Stinging Nettle. Lavender, Late Boneset, Meadow sweet.
Honey, Carnauba Wax,, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Basil Essential Oil, Cedar wood Essential Oil

3.5 oz

Labels & container may vary

Love the hand cream in cedarwood. Unfortunately the salve caused a reaction/rash but the cream I got in replacement is amazing and I highly recommend.

Smells amazing and makes my skin feel soft and nourished after a day outside in the dirt or after using hand sanitizer and washing my hands all day.

Fast delivery and great communication. Love all the products of this seller. Thanks

Excellent hand balm. It penetrates your skin & leaves your hands soft & not greasy.

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