Rosemary Body Lotion (Vegan)


A wonderful daily moisturizer, rich in skin loving emollients. Rosemary hydrosol (Rosemary infused purified water) is combined with luxury oils to create a light and silky feel, the Rosemary Essential Oil leaves behind a fresh and natural scent, perfect for anytime.


Rosemary Hydrosol
Almond Oil
Jojoba Oil
Apricot Kernel Oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil
Germal-X Plus Natural Preservative
Vitamin E
Rosemary Essential Oil

8 oz pump bottle

Note: packaging may change without notice

Smells deliciously of rosemary or as a friend humorously announced after trying a dab, " I smell like bread!"

This is one of my favorite lotions I keep in my car. In the summer heat, I like to make sure my skin is soft and supple. When my hands are in the Sun and on the steering wheel, this lotion gives me the softness without the grease!

My only complaint so far is the scent. It starts off of a very strong Rosemary essential oil instead of a more authentic one which made it too strong when applied to my face. After a while it settles down to a much more calmer and subtle scent which smells really good. So far it's done a great job at moisturizing my skin, I especially love how shiny and smooth my hands and nails feel.

Love this scent- starts out with a strong rosemary and then dries down to a spearmint. Nice thick lotion, not greasy. Would love to buy this with a goat milk base. The ingredients is why I purchased- this is the real deal! Ok, you know what sets his items apart from everyone else’s- aside from the fantastic ingredients- the care. If you watch his YouTube channel you get to whiteness the love he pours into his products, the funny mishaps and the ingredients he gleans from his surroundings. I love watching him make a soap and then buying it, it’s a special feeling.

my hands have been so dry with the cold and the consent washing this lotion helped right away

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