Lip Balm Manuka Bison Tallow Deluxe


Bison Lip Butter:

Bison Tallow from a local grass-fed and grass finished organic farm. Bison Tallow is so like our own body's chemical makeup that it's readily absorbed and immediately goes to work moisturizing and leaving your lips feel protected. Only 2 ingredients, no added colors, or flavors. Honeybee Propolis (resin bees collect from trees) is one of the most sought-after products these days, for good reason, it's healing and anti-bacterial properties make it must have product for many homes. In addition, nourishing bee pollen and Healing Manuka Honey from New Zealand is here to aid in moisturizing and healing


Grass Fed Organic Bison Tallow, Manuka Honey, Beeswax

0.3oz Kraft paperboard tube individually labeled and wrapped (previous 1/5 oz)

Reviews (2)


Between the environment I live in, my skin type and lots of intimate time with my husband, my lips are always dry. I constantly carry chapstick with me reapplying almost every hour. THIS right here has changed everything. I apply a lot less than I would store bought chapstick and my lips are amazingly soft which has also caused them to look more plump. This stuff is absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, I work in a very hot environment so I can’t carry it with me at work or it will melt. But I’m not needing it as much anyways. For my work chapstick (only if needed which is rare using this one morning and evening), I carry the bee balm sold by soapy oaks.

Smells AMAZING. I have ordered many different tallow (natural ingredients) chap sticks before. This by far is the best. The honey is just an amazing smell. It goes on smooth, and doesn’t leave a weird feeling after it starts to “go away”.

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