Lanolin Rich Lip Balm


Lanolip Rich Lip Barlm

Have dry, cracked, peeling lips? We have just what your lips are hungry for.

Organic Grass Fed Sheep Lanolin has phenomenal properties moisturize, and refresh dry skin. Used by many for the benefits of the fatty acids within the Lanolin. There is nothing added, this is pure Lanolin. The difference in our Lanolin is that it comes from a small flock of sheep that are raised on grass and ethically treated, the Lanolin comes from their fleece when they are sheared, no harm comes to them during this shearing, then the fleece is cleaned, and the Lanolin is filtered out and purified by natural processes, so you are only getting the best possible product available.

Much of the Lanolin sold online is sold from distributors who get it from hundreds of farms that is combined with no history of the sheep or where they came from. Our Sheep are never exposed to chemicals and any parasites are treated with natural products such as diatomaceous earth, which means the wool this lanolin comes from is free of harmful chemicals or other irritants.

Ingredients: 100% pure Organic Sheep Lanolin, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Beeswax

NOTE Lanolin carries a natural scent

1/3 oz Kraft Push Up Tube (Eco Friendly)

Reviews (7)


Love it! Feels calming on my lips!

Very sticky and wears off without me doing anything very quickly. Doesn’t feel good on the lips and hasn’t helped with healing my lips.

I wanted to wait to use it a few times before writing a review, but after just a few uses I can say that the smell is pleasant, and the balm is smooth and applied nicely to the lips. It is spring, so I don’t have too terribly chapped lips, but I have been enjoying it so far. I also love the eco friendly tubes.

Best lip balm!! I'm very happy with the quality of these products and will be buying more!!

I really like this lip balm! If I have dry lips, it fixes it pretty quickly!

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