Lanolin - Organic & Pure


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Organic Grass Fed Sheep Lanolin. There is nothing added, this is pure Lanolin. The difference in our Lanolin is that it comes from a small flock of sheep that are raised on grass and ethically treated, the Lanolin comes from their fleece when they are sheared, no harm comes to them during this shearing, then the fleece is cleaned, and the Lanolin is filtered out and purified by natural processes, so you are only getting the best possible product available.

Much of the Lanolin sold online is sold from distributors who get it from hundreds of farms that is combined with no history of the sheep or where they came from. Our Sheep are never exposed to chemicals and any parasites are treated with natural products such as diatomaceous earth, which means the wool this lanolin comes from is free of harmful chemicals or other irritants.

Ingredients: Organic Sheep Lanolin

NOTE Lanolin carries a natural scent, Pure Lanolin is very sticky. we do not accept returns for these attributes.

If you are looking for a more spreadable Lanolin/Tallow blend, please see the Soapy Oaks Lanolin Love here:

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This is the best organic lanolin I've used. Smooth and smells likes sheep. I use it to make chapstick, when washing wool garments and on dry skin. Very excited to find this quality and made in Texas! Thank you!

Found it to be quite moisturizing. A little goes a long way.

High quality, smells great, feels great, works well

Fantastic! Such a cute jar, and I can't wait to lanolize my handknit wool--also the second I opened the jar my cat tried to stick his whole face into it 😂 he loves it too

Smells like a sheep and works great. high quality

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