Handmade Soap Mystery Bag


Making custom soaps for YouTube (channel Soapy Oaks Farm) and making special requests is so much fun and I love sharing the videos with you, now you can share in the soaps as well. This is an opportunity to sample several of these "not perfect bars" at a great reduced price point. many of these have dents, maybe cut crooked or have other imperfections.

Each "Grab Bag" will contain bars of soap containing multiple styles/patterns/sizes/scents and ingredients. Soaps vary from round, square, or other shapes and vary in color or scent. All contain my custom recipe of oils & butters, some are scented, some are not. Many contain goat milk and local honey and other ingredients. These are imperfect bars that I could not sell at the market due to dents, faded scents or other imperfections. They are perfectly good soap and fantastic value.

NOTE: These bars will not be labeled, so it truly is a grab bag. Each grab bag will have a minimum of 5 bars of soap. They may or may not include those shown in the images

I feel confident you will love these and at such a terrific value how can you pass them by.

Thanks for your purchase,


These are a fantastic deal.

Fantastic stuff. You can always tell the quality of ingredients used as his soaps never seem dried out or old. Love it all!

I got a lot for what I paid for, I'm very grateful to you. I'm very relieved that these soaps are cute on top of the fact that they function well, and they do not dry up my hands. My first soap lasted a few weeks, and I wash my hands a lot. I'll surely be coming back to take some of these old or flawed soaps from you. Thanks soapyoaks!

Different sizes soap bars. Some good quality and some not good quality. But for the cost OK.

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