Handmade Soap Grab Bag


Making custom soaps for YouTube (channel Soapy Oaks Farm) and making special requests is so much fun and I love sharing the videos with you, now you can share in the soaps as well. This is an opportunity to sample several of these "not perfect bars" at a great reduced price point.

Each "Grab Bag" will contain bars of soap containing multiple styles/patterns/sizes/scents and ingredients. Soaps vary from round, square, or other shapes and vary in color or scent. All contain my custom recipe of oils & butters, some are scented, some are not. Many contain goat milk and local honey and other ingredients. These are imperfect bars that I could not sell at the market due to dents, faded scents or other imperfections. They are perfectly good soap and fantastic value.

NOTE: These bars will not be labeled, so it truly is a grab bag. Each grab bag will have a minimum of 5 bars of soap.

I feel confident you will love these and at such a terrific value how can you pass them by.

Thanks for your purchase,


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