Organic Wild harvested Peppermint


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Peppermint grows wild here at Soapy Oaks Farm in NE Texas and my family has harvested and benefited from teas & tinctures made from this delightful and healthful herb. I harvest the leaves, stems, and flowers throughout the summer I use no pesticides or herbicides on my land, these are 100% organically grown. After harvest, these are carefully washed, and hung to dry naturally at low temperature, then cut/chopped for easy use in your own preparations.

Available in 3 sizes packaged in kraft bags

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This is the first time ordering Soapy Oaks Farm Peppermint Leaf. The quality of this product is excellent. It makes great tea, which is why I purchased this product. So far, every single product I have purchased from Soapy Oaks Farm has been excellent. As always, it's beautifully packaged. I highly recommend purchasing all natural products from Soapy Oaks Farm.

Scent isn't overpowering, very nice

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