Brazen Bison Solid Cologne W/Essential Oils


Summer is a time of perspiration and demanding work, so sometimes you just want to add that little something special to make your personal scent a bit more pleasing. This one is bit on the woodsier side with essential oils of Vetiver, Cardamom & Black Pepper blended is organic bison tallow and wildflower beeswax. Just brush the surface with your fingertips and apply it to your favorite area of your body (wrist, behind the ear or anywhere). Come along as I show you how I put this together.

Ingredients: Grass Fed & Finished American Bison Tallow, Wildflower Beeswax, Essential Oils: Cardamom, Black Pepper, Vetiver

2.5 once Hinged Tin

Very nice light scent. Smells nice on my husband and is high quality!

Well made product. Unfortunately for me, it smells much more like cologne than essential oils. Vetiver is one of my favorite scents but it you can't smell it in this product.

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