Organic Grass Fed Pure Bison Tallow


Texas raised, ethically processed on our 75-year-old farm. Organic Grass-fed and Grass finished Bison Tallow is a natural moisturizer for the skin.

Bison Tallow is richer in many of the vitamins & minerals found in traditional beef tallow, in addition it is more like the natural fats in our skin making it ideal for those that may be sensitive to many synthetic moisturizers.

This Tallow is rendered in a sanitary environment and every precaution is taken to make sure any impurities are removed prior to jarring it and sending it on its way to you.

NOTE Tallow carries a natural scent, we do not accept returns for these attributes.

This is just pure Bison Tallow, it is only the Bison Tallow, it is not mixed with any other oils or ingredients.

NOTE: If you are looking for our Tallow Blend Skin Cream, see this listing

Available in 4, 8, & 16 fl oz jars

I’ve been using this seller for a while. In general like the products. Different quality between batches seems like.

Sorry for the low ratings, this is due to personal preference about the scent of this product, the beefy smell was so strong, my dog was so attached to me after I put it on, I think my dog thought I was the beef jerky.

Love this great moisturizing lotion!

The product was a good price for the amount but it has an odor and the consistency isnt a thick as higher priced ones. It took a bit long to deliver, (which I dont care about but they do ask in the reviews) I never called customer seevice

This was my first time trying beef tallow as a skin moisturizer. It really does moisturize my dry, Winter arms and legs better than ANYTHING I've tried! There is a slight smell to it so I added a few drops of essential oil and now it is very pleasant. The seller was fantastic and I will order from him again. Thanks so much Soapworks!

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