Organic Comfrey Salve Balm Ointment


This luxurious salve is designed for one purpose, healing of injuries, scientific studies have validated the beneficial aspects of a comfrey infusion for topical treatment of bruises, muscle/joint pain, myalgia, wounds, back pain and so much more. This formula should be in every medicine cabinet for those unexpected and even expected pains that we all encounter.

Ingredients: Comfrey Leaf & Comfrey Flower Infused Olive, Jojoba & Apricot Kernel Oil, Soy Wax, Vitamin E

2 oz glass jar

So glad I tried this. So many helpful products at reasonable prices.

Great for scrapes and cuts. I keep them everywhere around the house. Also great for chapped lips!!

Comfrey is one of our top first aid go-tos. This salve is amazing quality. I have a soccer player and this last year she has had three pretty major injuries. Both her knee and ankle got comfrey rubbed and massaged daily into them well. It’s not called the “skin knitter” or “bone knitter” for nothing. Oh, and the color of this salve is perfection!

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